Business Conduct

Tenaris Business Compliance

Tenaris's Compliance Program aims to minimize risks and foster a culture centered around ethical conduct.


Tenaris's Business Conduct Compliance Program aims at minimizing risks and fosters a culture of ethical and transparent conduct.

Tenaris believes that the effective involvement and responsibility of each employee in his or her daily work is critical in the pursuit of a solid ethical culture. Tenaris also expects the strictest compliance to regulations and procedures at all levels of the organization.

Our Code of Conduct and Policy on Business Conduct set forth ethical principles and procedures that apply to relationships between Tenaris, its employees and both public and private third parties.

We have implemented a normative framework that contemplates the adoption of preventive measures to fight corruption and bribery and reflects the requirements of applicable laws and regulations. The Compliance Program comprises of a stringent and consistent risk assessment, which enables the company to focus attention on critical factors and identify, evaluate and prevent potential infringements or breaches to applicable regulations.

When hiring representatives and contractors, a comprehensive evaluation of each candidate has been incorporated as an integral part of the retention procedure giving primarily importance to the candidate’s ethical, transparent and lawful behavior.

Tenaris ensures that relevant policies and procedures are communicated throughout the organization by applying internal communication channels and by the implementation of additional educational tools.

Tenaris regularly trains employees on anti-bribery provisions through on-line courses and in-person training sessions that focus on the most critical topics raised during day-to-day operations.

It gives us pride to have implemented a vigorous, stringent and comprehensive Compliance Program. It is our expectation that every single person that participates in business activities with Tenaris shares our enthusiasm for Compliance.

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