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Tenaris is an equal opportunity employer and aims to foster a work environment that attracts and develops talents across all genders, nationalities, generations, cultures and backgrounds for the long-term sustainability of the company. See our sustainability report for more information on equal opportunity employment.

The company understands the importance of diversity and that generational, cultural or gender-based differences add a lot of value to any type of endeavor, and seeks to create a corporate culture in which diversity is incorporated as a strategic element of our business strategy.

Tenaris’s Diversity project is guided and supported by a global steering committee composed by Tenaris’s executive management to ensure alignment of the project’s principles and initiatives with the company’s business strategy. Specific action plans are then managed by regional committees to guarantee that different needs and situations are adequately evaluated and taken into account all around the world.

In the understanding that diversity is something that is built from within, Tenaris’s Diversity Project has launched specific projects to encourage diversity and to raise awareness of the benefits of diversity and inclusion within the company.

These actions include:
  • a training & mentoring program, aimed at building employee’s competencies to facilitate an inclusive working environment
  • a flexible work program, to enable a more efficient balance between the individual and company needs
  • a biennial Employee Opinion Survey, implemented to better address plans focused on engagement and working environment improvement
  • an annual performance management process that guarantees equal evaluations of all salaried employees and an internal job posting to provide visibility on career opportunities within the company
  • an ambassador program, to support the recruitment of a more diverse workforce
  • infrastructure upgrades in production centers and offices to improve working conditions for female employees

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