Tenaris has evolved into a global business through a series of strategic investments throughout the past two decades. Find out more about our growth and industrial roots, a story that spans more than 100 years.


Our milestones

1909     Dalmine begins manufacturing seamless steel tubes in Italy.

1914     Nippon Kokan Kabushiki-gaisha (NKK) begins manufacturing seamless 
             steel tubes in Japan.

1924     Dalmine is listed on the Milan Stock Exchange.

1935     Agostino Rocca, the future founder of the Techint Group of Companies, 
             becomes Managing Director at Dalmine.

1953     Tamsa is listed on the Mexican Stock Exchange.

1954     Tamsa begins operations in Mexico and Siderca in Argentina. 
             Both plants are constructed by Techint.

1958     Siderca is listed on the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange.

1960     Confab, a Brazilian manufacturer of industrial equipment, begins to produce 
             welded steel tubes.

1967     Tamsa is listed on the American Stock Exchange, becoming the first Mexican 
             company to be listed on a U.S. Stock Exchange through an American
             Depositary Receipts (ADR) program.

1980     Algoma orders North America's first retained mandrel seamless tube mill.

1986     Siderca takes over Siat, an Argentine welded pipe manufacturer established 
             in 1948.

1993     Siderca acquires a controlling interest in Tamsa and forms a strategic

1996     Siderca acquires a controlling interest in Dalmine following its privatization. 
             With Tamsa, this strategic alliance becomes DST.

1998     Siderca acquires TAVSA.

1999     Siderca acquires control of Confab.

2000     Siderca and NKK Corporation form NKKTubes to take over NKK's seamless 
             tube manufacturing business at Keihin Works (Tokyo, Japan).
             Siderca leases Algoma Steel's seamless steel tube plant and begins
             operating AlgomaTubes.

2001     The Tenaris brand name is introduced, replacing DST.
             Siderca is listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

2002     Tenaris S.A., a company incorporated in Luxembourg, becomes the group 
             holding company following an exchange offer for the shares of Siderca, 
             Tamsa and Dalmine and is simultaneously listed on the New York, Milan, 
             Buenos Aires and Mexican stock exchanges.

2004     Tenaris acquires control of Silcotub, a Romanian manufacturer of seamless 
             steel pipes.

2006     Tenaris establishes a strong presence in the U.S. through the acquisition of 
             Maverick Tube Corp. At the same time, its presence in Canada is expanded 
             with Prudential and it establishes a presence in Colombia through

2007     With Hydril, Tenaris expands its offer of products and services for the 
             oil and gas industry.

2009     Tenaris extends its presence in the Far East through the integration of SPIJ, 
             an Indonesian OCTG processing operation.
             Venezuela nationalizes TAVSA.

2010     Inauguration of new threading facility in Saudi Arabia.
2011     Tenaris opens its new rolling mill at the Tenaris Industrial Center in Veracruz.

2012     Tenaris announces construction of first seamless facility in the United States.