Stefano Buday

Supply Chain Regional Manager, Oceania

Stefano Buday

Quick Facts
Joined Tenaris in 2003

Interview published: July 2012

Stefano Buday’s career has been quite versatile from the start. He worked in different areas, travelled to more than one country, and is now in Australia where he serves as Supply Chain Regional Manager for Oceania. Being in so many places and areas enriched his personal life and helped him build a successful professional career.

Why did you decide to join Tenaris? 
Back then I was working for a very notorious Italian car-manufacturing firm, one that makes beautiful red cars, where I was learning a lot. But Tenaris’s offer struck me as more interesting in terms of career development potential and, above everything, training opportunities. The employment conditions were more favorable compared to what the market was offering back then. I therefore decided to join and began working in a small department of Supply Chain, Arcore CESE, that was like a tiny plant within the plant. The relatively small size allowed me to have an overview of the whole business scope and to do a little bit of everything: from studying an improved layout, to automation and technology, job organization, compliance and just in time deliveries. This first experience sparked passion for what I was doing and made me realize I was fully “compatible” with Tenaris’s way of working in issues like dealing with people in a simple, direct and honest way, giving priority to the safety of the personnel, and having a very accessible organization at all levels, among many others. I also found that the work environment was excellent thanks to the positive attitude of my colleagues, all willing to work as a team and share information. None was hiding their knowledge to play solo and take advantage of it. I liked it, and still do, very much.

What challenges are you facing as Supply Chain Regional Manager for Oceania?
In Australia I work very close to the commercial area. This task is quite challenging for me and different from the manufacturing areas, where I used to be. Somehow it has risks and variables that are more difficult to detect and control, as opposed to the operative processes, which pose challenges of a different type. As an example, the market outlook exercise is meant to figure out how the business will look like a few years from now, which will depend on an enormous cluster of decisions and events that are external to us. In the plant, on the other hand, you tend to have a more defined and “pre digested” plan to follow, even though other “heavy” and high demanding components are present. Another challenge is that Australia and South East Asia are the playground for Japanese and Chinese competitors, who developed and maintain a very aggressive pricing strategy. Finally, the size of the country (as wide as the US!) poses an additional challenge to the ability of controlling our logistics bases and operations from the office in Perth.

What personal and professional advantages did you get from working in different countries?
It satisfied my curiosity to see how people live in other corners of the world. The idea of living my entire life in one place seemed a bit of a waste to me. The world is so vast and diverse that I wanted to take at least a few years to move around and see other nations. When you go to different countries your life is more dynamic and less boring. Besides, learning other languages, getting to know new cultures and finding out how they face life and problems opens your mind. From a professional point of view, it allowed me to create a network of contacts and understand how a global company established in so many countries can work as a single entity. Moving around so much also helped me see how I can make a contribution to help the company grow.

You also worked in different areas. How did that versatility help you build your career? 
It allowed me to learn different tasks. That is important for me because the more I know the happier I feel. It also helped me get a deeper understanding of how the company’s processes have to be carefully intertwined to obtain the best results. Doing different things is exciting and Tenaris promotes this way of building a career. Working in different areas also helps me see what I like the most and in which departments I can make a bigger contribution. Now that I have been in Tenaris for some years and I know a thing or two, I wish to give a step forward and start to make a difference. I want to see how this story goes and make the decisions that will take the company in the right direction.

 * Stefano Buday is now Plant Manager in Tenaris's plant in McCarty, USA.

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