The recruitment of talented individuals from universities around the world ensures Tenaris has a broad-based team in terms of training, culture and geographic origin, but who share the same standard of abilities and vision.

The Tenaris Internship Program is a great learning experience for students completing their professional studies. This program is designed to give students real work experience by offering challenging assignments in different areas, in a people-oriented culture that values individual initiative.

Our full and part-time summer internships are held during the summer months in many countries where Tenaris operates and are aimed at introducing students in their last year at university to the company. 

Are you about to complete your university degree studies?

Apply on-line or find out more about Tenaris by contacting our recruiters in your country in order to participate in one of our summer or regular internship programs.

Presentations at Universities and Recruitment Events

At Tenaris, we partner with educational and research institutions by financing institutional R&D activities and projects as well as organizing guided tours to visit our eight plants located in Europe, North America, South America and Asia.