Areas of Action


Our values are centered on a conviction that industry plays a key role in promoting lasting and equitable economic growth for societies.


Promoting integration and growth

We seek to promote social integration and leverage our own contribution in all of our community programs by partnering with other governmental and non-governmental organizations. We work together on initiatives involving the project beneficiaries as active participants and apply our knowledge, experience and best practices on a joint basis.

Tenaris organizes its social development programs into different areas:


An industrial enterprise needs support from  society to stimulate mutual growth in terms of knowledge and education. We continuously invest in the development of our employees and support a variety of educational initiatives in the communities where we have our operations, including the Roberto Rocca Education Program. With the focus on encouraging excellence and rewarding merit, we seek to open up opportunities for members of each community to realize their potential and to go on and achieve their goals. Our education objectives include: strengthening institutions and improving the quality of education overall, fostering participation and rewarding merit and raising the standard of technical education by supporting the dissemination of science and technological innovation.

Health and sports

We support health-oriented programs, such as improving the management and quality of medical and sanitation systems, as well as participating in specific preventive health campaigns. We sponsor sports and leisure activities for our employees and the local community.

Art and culture

We seek to transmit our values and to promote multicultural integration and diversity through art and culture. We work with Fundación PROA in Buenos Aires and Fondazione Dalmine in Bergamo, as a way of bringing the company’s industrial history to the fore while showcasing artistic innovation, thus highlighting the ongoing relationship between the two. We encourage cultural exchange among the various communities where the company is located. This includes support for the Associazione per la Galleria d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea of Bergamo, Italy and collaborative agreements with cultural centers in the US, Mexico, Brazil and Japan.

Environmental AWAREness

Tenaris raises community awareness of global environmental issues such as climate change and energy efficiency to help  foster sustainable development practices.

Social Assistance and development

Tenaris delivers small-scale humanitarian assistance to promote inclusion in society. Tenaris provides specific support to communities hit by natural disasters or catastrophes.