Record running times with BlueDock® connectors and Blue® Quick Seal Dopeless® in the North Sea



North Sea



The oil and gas company accomplished a record breaking performance in two challenging fields in the North Sea.


Record running times in the North Sea

A major oil and gas company was going to batch drill the top hole section of 13 wells of two fields located in the Norwegian waters of the North Sea. The operator needed products and services able to promote efficiency and reduce running times.

The operator decided to combine TenarisHydril BlueDock® connectors and Blue® Quick Seal Dopeless® connections in the surface casing of the 13 wells, which were drilled in two consecutive campaigns. Using Tenaris products and services, the oil and gas company achieved record running times for a single well and record average running times for all the wells.


Efficiency, safety and speed

The oil and gas company required conductors with gas-tight connections that could offer excellent fatigue performance, that would meet its design life requirements.

The operator was looking for technologies able to reduce risks, improve running times and be easily installed.


Blue reliability

Tenaris supplied 24" TenarisHydril BlueDock® connectors and 20" Blue® Quick Seal Dopeless® connections for the surface casings. These two products are an important part of the broader TenarisHydril connection portfolio for the Large OD (LOD) section of the wells.

The BlueDock® connector provides reliable performance in the most complex offshore operations. It offers easy stabbing and trouble-free make-up for fast and reliable running. Its high fatigue Water Depth: 250 ft performance has been thoroughly characterized for the whole product line with the support of full scale fatigue tests. The oil and gas company requested the gas tight metal-to-metal seal option with sea water exclusion seals (SWS) to further enhance the product’s fatigue resistance.

The BlueDock® connector, which has been qualified according to the ApI Rp 5c5:2017 protocol, has up to three anti-rotational keys that prevent buck-off and provides additional torque retention. The anti-rotational keys come preinstalled, with no loose parts that might fall into the well. They can be easily hammered into place, eliminating the need for special installation tools and speeding up the installation process.

The Blue® Quick Seal connection features twin start threads for fast and easy make-up. This threaded and coupled connection comes with a metal-to-metal seal with a sphere-to-cone geometry, providing gas tight sealing performance under combined loads.

It has been successfully qualified in accordance with ApI Rp 5c5 cAL I and additional elevated temperature evaluations.

protection at the rig site

The connectors were delivered with external anti-corrosion protection systems, a common regional practice that protects the platform from corrosion. The service was delivered in accordance with the NORSOK M-501 standard, meeting the System 7A (splash zone) and 7B (submerged) requirements. coating repair kits consisting of paint and application tools were supplied to repair minor damage to the coating during installation and handling operations.

The BlueDock® connectors were also fitted with the optional Sea-Water Exclusion Seal (SWS), which prevents seawater ingress into the threaded area, thus minimizing the risk of corrosion in the thread, maximizing the fatigue performance of the connector. The customer also requested a neoprene wraparound protection system called Armawrap Lp, an additional barrier for seawater in the zone.

Dopeless® benefits

The Blue® Quick Seal connections come with Dopeless® technology, a dry multifunctional coating that is applied in a fully automatic process at Tenaris mills worldwide. This solution makes thread compounds obsolete. Dopeless® technology reduces running times, increases the reliability of the running, minimizes the environmental footprint of the operation and produces savings of the total pipe cost in offshore operations.

Rig Direct® services

Tenaris offered the customer a complete package of expert services that accompany the products. Tenaris coordinated the demand planning of the material and delivered the products ready to be run offshore. This service included the supply of conductor guide centralizers, external coating, corrosion protection sleeves and accessories (x-overs, pup joints and circulation swages).

In addition, Tenaris field service specialists were responsible for the inspection, drifting and measurement of the pipes. These certified experts promote operational safety and efficiency. Being present in the field, they ensure that the recommended practices are followed and products are successfully installed.


New records

The first conductor campaign consisted of 11 wells of one of the fields and took place in June 2017. The first 5 wells used competitors’ products for the top-hole section. Using Tenaris products and services in the other six wells, the operator achieved the record running time of 12.7 hours for this section of a single well. The average running time of the six wells also marked a record as it stood at 15.8 hours, an improvement of 11.7% and a reduction of running times amounting to 2.1 hours per well. As result, 12.5 hours of rig time and over USD 250,000 were saved over the entire installation campaign.

The second campaign, which consisted of seven wells located in the other field, took place between July and August 2017. Once again, the oil and gas company was able to achieve record running times in the top-hole section with the support of Tenaris. The most outstanding running time for a single well was 13.2 hours. The average running time for the seven wells improved 24.4% when compared to previous wells, as it stood at 16.3 hours. These results helped the operator save 37 hours of rig time and USD 770,000.

Tenaris field service specialists worked side-by-side with the customer at the rig site, inspecting the connections ahead of the running and preparing them to be run. They also assisted the customer during the running to ensure that the operation was conducted safely and efficiently.

Tenaris products were ran without HSE incidents and with record low non-productive time (NpT). When adding the 13 wells together, the oil and gas company was able to save over 1 million USD as a result of reduced running times.

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