Dopeless® proves its worth in the Caspian


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West Kazakhstan

Dopeless® technology improved operational performance by simplifying pipe handling and cleaning operations in harsh winter conditions.


The use of Dopeless® technology, coupled with Tenaris onsite technical expertise, is helping the customer meet challenging operating conditions. The company’s post-evaluation of a recent casing application –carried out as part of its growing Caspian operations– has demonstrated an improved operational performance in time, cost and efficiency.


The well is located in a remote area of West Kazakhstan where operating conditions present several challenges.

Handling products under harsh weather conditions

As result of location temperature variation (-30°C to 40°C), special consideration should be taken during maintenance and preparation of tubular products before usage. During the winter, standard tubular connections that are prepared in the yard to be run are prone to be damaged by corrosion.

Just taking the protectors off can be a daunting task when the storage compound is frozen and the protector is stuck to the connection and re- applying dope under these circumstances can lead to improper make-up.


The block where the well is located is an extremely remote area which makes for highly complicated logistics in terms of transporting and maintaining human and technical resources on site.


In order to meet these challenges, Tenaris offered the operator a customized package that combined both an innovative product with field services that offered added value.

Dope? What dope?

Unlike conventional connections –which require the application of both storage and running thread compounds– TenarisHydril Dopeless® connections come ready-equipped with a multi-functional coating applied at the mill through a controlled industrial process. Combining standard and dope-free premium connections in a single casing operation gave the operator the opportunity to evaluate the impact of Dopeless® technology on both the pre-running and running phases.

Field assistance

A field service team specifically sent in by Tenaris provided support in terms of product inspection, pre-running preparation and running assistance.

As part of standard maintenance procedures, the Tenaris team visually inspected all stored pipes and their respective connections to ensure integrity. The pipes had been stored in a yard for two-and-a-half years, subjected during that time to the extreme weather conditions of the Kazakh steppe. Detailed inspection of the Dopeless® connections revealed that the coating application on the pin and box of all joints were in very good condition.

Improved Operational Performance

Accurate & safe installation

A total of 99 TSH Blue® and 199 TSH Blue® Dopeless® joints were run in the hole with zero rejects.

The elimination of a series of pre-running operations thanks to the use of Dopeless® technology resulted in time and cost savings, as well as diminished risks for the crew –running of the casing was carried out safely, without any reported incidents–.

Technical assistance

The pre-running preparation services provided were able to identify and set aside a number of joints (without Dopeless® technology) that had been affected by pitting corrosion after being unintentionally stored for a few days without any kind of compound.

Technical assistance was also provided during the make-up of TSH Blue® Dopeless® and TSH Blue®connections to ensure efficient running.

Customer feedback

Operational managers were very pleased with TSH Blue® Dopeless® Technology. They noted that TSH Blue® Dopeless® helped them in saving operational time due to the quick make-up, fast running speed, no over doping, nor insufficient doping and lack of rejects.

Another major advantage was the fact that Dopeless® may be used and stored in extremely cold weather without any problem.

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