Dopeless® technology achieves more efficient operations in Venezuela


Field Type



Gulf of Paria, Northeastern Venezuela

By facilitating pre-running activities and allowing higher instant make-up, Dopeless® connections saved time and money in a high pressure well.


Facing the competition

When analyzing options for the high-pressure (11,400 psi) Jusepin well, a major international oil company compared TenarisHydril Blue® Dopeless® connections with premium connections supplied by a major competitor. Tenaris’s premium connection outperformed the competition, in terms of operational efficiency, taking doping consequences out of the critical path.

Solutions for the customer


Tenaris’s premium products saved the customer time and money by limiting the steps needed during pre-running activities. The completely dry TenarisHydril Blue® Dopeless® connection eliminates the need to apply dope, which decreases the time and number of people needed on the rig. Using Dopeless® technology also facilitates ongoing visual inspection during the assembly of the connections. Its faster make-up directly cuts back on rig time, resulting in cost savings. Additional operational benefits include less galling tendency (even on chrome grades) and more consistent make-up charts to reduce risk and save on costly reconfirmation breakouts while running.


The TenarisHydril Blue® Dopeless® connection surpassed the major competitor’s products, registering a higher instant make-up: approximately 20 joints per hour. Tenaris’s Dopeless® technology did not register any rejections during inspection or during the running. It registered very easy stabbing and none of the joints experienced cross threading.

Health, safety and environment

The customer was accustomed to traditional tubular preparation, which requires connections to be cleaned prior to the running. The competitor’s connections required a large amount of water during cleaning and dirtied the workspace. TenarisHydril Blue® Dopeless® connections stand out in terms of their cleanliness; completely eliminating thread dope and all its related consequences.


Following this successful experience, other customers in the Andean region have turned to Dopeless® technology for its complex operations. For Tecpetrol’s well in La Palma, Tenaris performed four runnings and four pullings with TenarisHydril Blue® Dopeless® connections. Four years after the original running, a total of 283 joints were removed from the well. All connections were in a perfect state, presenting no signs of corrosion. These results reconfirmed the extensive physical corrosion testing performed at Tenaris’s R&D laboratories worldwide. The connections were rinsed with water and covered with new protectors before returning to the customer’s yard for further use.

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