Improved operational performance in Siberia


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Eastern Siberia, Russian Federation

Tenaris Dopeless® technology and field services completed a drilling operation with zero rejects and no accidents in the severe weather conditions of the Artic.


A major development inside the Arctic Circle

In 2009, Tenaris supplied the operator with over 180,000m (590,000ft) of 7" casing tubes with TenarisHydril Blue® Dopeless® connections. Tenaris also provided a broad range of associated field services, supplied onsite and by Russian specialists.

Total recoverable reserves for the milestone Russian field are estimated at 520 million tons (3.7 billion barrels) of oil and 95 billion cubic meters of gas. Field service support along with Dopeless® technology became a key combination to effectively operate in this field.


Reaching remote locations

Working conditions are tough at any oil rig – let alone one located inside the Arctic Circle where temperatures easily drop to below -40 °C during the long winter months. The nearest town to the oil field, where 1,600 people live and work 24/7 on a rotational basis, is a five-to-ten-hour drive + helicopter + plane flight.

Given the combination of extreme weather conditions and virtual isolation, the customer was keen to incorporate products and services that would help simplify handling and installation procedures.

Having to apply dope to casing and tubing connections when they are being prepared on the rig floor before running insumes more time and operational handling.


Dopeless® technology provides operational and safety benefits

Premium connections coated with Dopeless® technology don’t require the application of either storage or running thread compounds. Applied at the mill through a controlled industrial process, Dopeless® is a multifunctional dry coating that allow connections to be run without any further operation at the rig.

In hostile climates, reducing the amount of people around the operation, mainly leads to prevention of accidents on site, but also simplifies complex transportation and reduces costs. Less pipe handling through the use of Dopeless® becomes a significant added value.

Having to manage frozen dope (cleaning, reapplying) on casing and tubing connections when they are being prepared on the rig floor before running is a tough manual process. With this solution, connections become rig-ready, avoiding the need to clean and remove thread compound during the operation.

Local support

The operator was also interested in the field service assistance that Tenaris offers as part of a complete package that complements its tubular and premium connection products. Tenaris’s Russian team of field experts performed pre-running inspection, offered running assistance service and prepared operational reports for the customer.

Throughout pre-running preparations and during the casing job itself Tenaris’s Russian field service specialists were on hand 24/7.

Tenaris’s field services team, a global network of specialists that work in accordance with proven practices and guidelines, reduces risk by controlling interactions with pipe. By relying on field experts, operations are shorter and more efficient, improving the safety factor, even in hazardous conditions.


A new level of field support and operational efficiency in the Arctic

Running Dopeless® technology at the rig becomes easier and faster in comparison to connections with dope. Dopeless® technology provided relevant savings in running time and superior operational performance.

After experiencing the quality of Tenaris’s field services, the customer has made the decision to modify its supplier policy, which now demands all providers of tubular goods offer comparable levels of onsite support. The operation was successfully completed with zero rejects and no accidents. Since then, Dopeless® has been run in a total of 45 wells. Average daily production of the field by the end of 2009 was 341,000 barrels.

Since its debut in 2003, Dopeless® technology has been used extensively in complex offshore and onshore projects in the CIS region and worldwide. This solution eliminates the possibility of operational problems associated with imprecise thread compound application. Dopeless® technology simplifies handling, preparation and installation reducing risks and costs.

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