Why Pipe Matters


The “Why Pipe Matters” app made for iPad offers an overview of the importance of steel pipe in today’s energy industry. As oil is becoming harder to find, companies must drill exploratory and production wells in difficult operating environments. To succeed, quality and reliability have become critical factors for pipe manufacturers.

Users can interactively explore this application to learn about different aspects of the oil and gas industry from Spindletop to the shales boom and the consequential quest for innovative and efficient solutions.

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The energy production cycle

From drilling and extraction to processing and consumption, steel pipe is an integral part of each stage in the oil and gas industry. Find out how a casing string is designed and what line pipe products are used for.

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The evolution

Learn how the first wells were drilled and some of the most important milestones in the evolution of the oil and gas industry.

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Extreme conditions

Review the challenges that E&P companies face worldwide when operating in different applications such as shales or deepwater.