Record-breaking casing string run with ER™ connections in Brazil’s Pre-Salt

December 19, 2012

Tenaris was part of an important oil and gas exploration project in Brazil’s Pre-Salt during the second half of November. The longest 20” surface casing string in the history of oil and gas exploration in Brazil was run offshore in the Santos Basin. The record-length 1,650-meter string was successfully installed in a water depth of over 2000 meters.

While in typical wells these strings reach a length of 800 meters, this well is 1,650 meters deep, and 50 meters of this depth is in the salt.

Searching for continuous technological improvement, Tenaris’s product engineering team recently enhanced the ER™ connection’s robustness and reliable make-up characteristics. The operation in the Pre-Salt confirmed the connection’s performance even in difficult environments.

“The TenarisHydril ERTM connection is facing here in Brazil one of the most difficult operational challenges worldwide. It is being used in ultra-deep waters, subjected to high bending loads caused by strong sea currents.  Also, the strings are very long, with extremely high tension and compression loads,” said Robson Silva, Tenaris Technical Sales Manager in Brazil.

Tenaris’s field services team, which works on-site and alongside the customer to help verify the correct usage of Tenaris products, was on hand throughout the operation. “The combination of high performance products with the correct running procedures was the reason for this success. In these extreme offshore environments, a thorough application of every single step of the running procedures is key to ensure an operation without incidents,” adds Silva.

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