Tenaris to Adopt edX Platform for Corporate Training


November 12, 2013

Tenaris announced a collaboration with edX, the not-for-profit online learning initiative founded by Harvard and MIT, to expand training and education for almost 27,000 Tenaris employees around the world. Through this collaboration, edX will provide training and consulting for online course development for TenarisUniversity, the company’s corporate training center.

Under the agreement with edX, Tenaris may also license courses from the edX platform, and collaborate with xConsortium members to create courses specifically designed to teach Tenaris employees about areas of critical concern to the company.

EdX’s open learning platform is used by universities and countries to develop innovative online, on-campus, and blended teaching and learning models, and was chosen for this initiative because of its cutting-edge online learning environment and educational expertise. The collaboration marks the first time a corporation has worked with edX to leverage its platform for the training and education of its employees.

The first course will be rolled out internally to Tenaris employees in the coming months. Through edX, Tenaris will be able to enhance its existing training conducted through TenarisUniversity, responsible for strategically integrating, aligning and disseminating knowledge and expertise across the company. TenarisUniversity’s curricula encompasses the whole corporate training process, including the development of proprietary courses, defining the most appropriate training methodology and measuring training effectiveness.

“Education is a fundamental value for Tenaris, an essential component of our values and our industrial culture, based on knowledge, professionalism, the recognition of merit and commitment,” said Paolo Rocca, Tenaris Chairman and CEO. “This partnership with edX is particularly exciting because introducing the most technologically advanced methods of education is part of our goal to continuously improve and innovate in the training of our people.”

Tenaris currently offers 59 hours of training per salaried employee. It has a two-year global trainee program for recent university graduates, a core e-learning program for all employees, management development and advanced management programs. By moving some of this training to edX’s online platform, Tenaris will be able to reach more of its employees in a flexible and pedagogically effective manner.

“By collaborating with Tenaris, we are bringing our innovative learning environment to a global corporation,” said edX President Anant Agarwal. “The components of high quality teaching and learning remain the same, whether in an academic or business setting, and we look forward to working with Tenaris to offer world-class online training and education to its employees around the globe.”