Tenaris to supply pipe for the Argentina Northeast Gas Pipeline (GNEA)


April 01, 2015

ENARSA, an Argentine state-run energy company, will use a total of 2,140 kilometers of Tenaris pipes in a new stage in the construction of the Argentina Northeast Gas Pipeline (GNEA). This mega-project includes the construction of a total of 4,131 kilometers of a gas pipeline that will have a transport capacity of 11,200,000 m³/day of natural gas and will supply 168 locations in northeast Argentina.

In its plant in Valentín Alsina, Argentina, Tenaris will manufacture 1,490 kilometers (185 ktn) of pipe for the trunk lines.  These pipes will be manufactured with a diameter of 24” and thicknesses of 7.9 mm and 11.9 mm in API X70M quality and coating under the Natural Gas Regulatory Authority (NAG) regulations. Tenaris will also supply 650 kilometers (11.4 ktn) of pipes for the gathering lines with diameters of 4” and 10”, in API BM and API X60M qualities and coating under NAG regulations. 

Tenaris supplies high quality pipes for onshore and offshore transport. These products offer outstanding performance even in the harshest conditions including extreme temperatures and high pressure. They are manufactured under the particular specifications of each project and according to national and international laws.

For the trunk lines, Tenaris offers welded large-diameter pipes used for the construction of onshore and offshore long-distance gas transmission pipeline systems. Tenaris also supplies steel pipes in various grades and diameters for use in constructing gathering lines and gathering systems. 

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