Returning interns bring classroom know-how to real-world experience


July 31, 2019

Since mid-May, a class of 20 summer interns, including three returning students, have had the opportunity to apply their classroom knowledge at various Tenaris facilities around Texas.

For the program, each of the students immerses themselves in a unique departmental project specific to their location, which they must complete and present by the last week of their internship.

Returning interns have continued learning from their previous summer’s projects. Madison O’Neal, for example, is resuming her work at TenarisBayCity in the Hot Rolling Mill. In 2018, O’Neal revised and created different work instructions throughout the Hot Rolling Mill, and this summer, is adding videos, checklists, and tests in addition to revisions for critical work in the mill. “Last summer, I worked in the Hot Rolling Mill and was fascinated by the process,” O’Neal said. “The skills I learned better prepared me for my current project.”

Similarly, Rania Al-Madi is applying her previous internship experience in supply chain at the McCarty threading facility to her current project at Tenaris’s coiled tubing facility in the industrial planning department. In her current internship, she has been more focused on the business side of operations versus the technical of last summer.

“My favorite aspect of the Tenaris internship experience was the chance to have one-on-one’s with various department managers, to get hands-on exposure to what working for different departments entails,” Al-Madi said.

Luke MacLennan, an intern in Maintenance Engineering at TenarisBayCity, who is also working in a different department than last summer, said there was no hesitation in deciding to return. He enjoyed his previous internship, including the knowledge and skills gained as well as his team.

“The experience of this internship goes into a lot more detail on how the everyday life of an engineer will be,” MacLennan said. “There is always something new to learn and my mentors are always giving me challenges to better my skills.”

The Tenaris summer internship program is open to undergraduates from any US college. To view information regarding upcoming summer internship opportunities and applications, available in the early spring semester, follow our LinkedIn page and visit our website. To apply to work at our company, fill out the application and upload your resume in our website or by contacting our Human Resources team in the US.

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