BlueCoil® Technology


BlueCoil® technology is based on new steel designs and new manufacturing processes developed by Tenaris to produce coiled tubing that is stronger and more fatigue and environmentally resistant throughout its structure.

The life of a conventional coiled tubing string is normally limited by the fatigue life of its bias weld. As the required yield strength of coiled tubing increases, the fatigue life of the conventional bias weld decreases relative to the rest of the coiled tubing string. This limits the useful life of the entire string to the shorter life of the bias weld.

In contrast, the bias weld and base tube fatigue performance of a BlueCoil® string remain comparable for high strength coiled tubing grades. This allows greater utilization of the entire string and brings additional strength, reliability and longer string life to coiled tubing applications.


BlueCoil® technology brings extra fatigue performance and ballooning resistance over conventional coiled tubing grades. Fatigue performance of BlueCoil® products after sour (aqueous H2S) exposure is also markedly improved.

This technology shows improved sulfide stress cracking (SSC) performance, allowing the use of 20 ksi to 30 ksi higher yield strength grades in SSC environments compared to conventional coiled tubing grades. Hydrogen induced cracking (HIC) tests show that all the coiled tubing grades, including conventional and BlueCoil® technology, have good HIC resistance for sour conditions.

BlueCoil® products are compatible with the equipment currently used with conventional coiled tubing, so there is no need for special handling or equipment requirements.