BlueCoil® Technology



BlueCoil® technology is a heat treated coiled tubing that is designed to last between two to four times longer than conventional coiled tubing. This unique technology is based on new steel designs never used before in the industry to produce coiled tubing that is stronger and more fatigue and environmentally resistant throughout its structure.

The life of a conventional coiled tubing string is primarily limited by the fatigue life of its bias weld. In contrast, the uniform microstructure of a BlueCoil® string offers an advantage in string longevity and fatigue resistance. This allows greater utilization of the string and brings additional strength, reliability and longer useful life to coiled tubing operations.

BlueCoil® strings are compatible with all field equipment currently used to run coiled tubing, so there is no need for special handling or unique equipment.


Tenaris has deployed more than 350 BlueCoil® strings since 2015, totaling more than seven million feet shipped worldwide. The technology has been applied by 51 service companies, with 35 of those companies operating in North America. In addition, 190 million total coiled tubing running feet have been achieved in field operations and more than 60% of all BlueCoil® strings are still operational.

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