Tenaris provides innovative tubular solutions and dedicated services for refineries projects.

High project performance FOR critical processes

Tenaris offer a full range of tubular products in different steel grades and dimensions for critical key processes in the refining sector, such as:

  • Conversion processes: fluid catalytic cracking (FCC), cokers, hydrocrackers and others where pipes used must be resistant to high temperatures and very corrosive environments
  • Treatment processes and sulfur recovery plants: where our tubes offer an outstanding performance in severe sour conditions
  • More refining applications: distillation units, catalytic reforming units, isomerization and others, where large OD seamless pipes (from 16'' to 28'') produced in our expander facility (large diameter rolling mill) in the Dalmine plant (Italy) are used.

We are committed to supplying high-quality products, services and on-schedule delivery to ensure a high project performance for critical processes which could have an major impact on the project’s profitability.

Severe Sour Service

Tenaris has developed carbon low-alloy steels with physical, chemical and metallurgical characteristics that ensure an outstanding resistance to hydrogen sulfide cracking and also provide an outstanding performance in severe sour conditions, e.g., hydrotreaters, sulfur recovery units and others.

Tenaris Sour Service products' main characteristics are:

  • Clean steel
  • Deep desulfurized
  • Modified inclusion shape
  • Low residual-elements content
  • Tight chemical composition range
  • Low residual stress
  • No cold-worked spots
  • Through-wall micro structural homogeneity
  • Fine grain structure
  • High-impact toughness

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