Anode & Anode Pads Installation


Anode pads are metal circumferences that are welded onto the exterior of the line pipe and are designed to expose the metal portion in order to make contact with the terminal anode.

efficient anti-corrosion protection

Tenaris offers a unique anode and anode pad installation service that delivers efficient anti-corrosion protection and substantially lengthens the life of oil and gas line pipe.  

a high-quality final product

Unlike other industry anode installation services, which install anode pads after applying the protective coating systems, we install anode pads prior to applying the pipe coating and then carry out the anode installation. This reduces costs, increases production efficiency, provides logistic advantages, avoids damage to the coating and essentially improves the effectiveness of both the cathodic and protective coating systems.

Tenaris anode pads are created from mother pipe certified with the same mechanical properties and steel grades (e.g., X52, X65) as the line pipe. If desired, the mother pipe can be manufactured to a specific anode pad steel grade, such as SA275JO.