Buckle Arrestors

Tenaris differenceS in buckle arrestor manufacturing

In order to reduce the lengthy manufacturing process for buckle arrestors using forged steel, Tenaris produces them using the same process as standard flowlines and risers. This system guarantees aligned product properties, quality parameters and non-destructive testing controls. Also, the consistent steel chemistry reduces the time and effort required for welding qualification.

We manufacture full-length buckle arrestors using 12-meter, heavy-wall mother pipe and perform machining on the pipe ends to match the flowline dimensions, facilitating the welding process.

Our second option for buckle arrestor manufacturing is to use a heavy-wall mother pipe cut to length and then perform full-body machining according to the dimensions required by the customer.

Tenaris Experience 

Tenaris provided full-length buckle arrestors for the Pazflor project. Production of the buckle arrestors completed a full package of line pipe products, which included flowlines, double jointing and coating services.