Choke & Kill and Mud Boosting Lines


Our Choke & Kill, Mud Boosting and hydraulic lines are available in high-strength steel grades, guaranteeing high pressure ratings and reducing the system’s weight.

Products to ensure well stability

Offshore drilling operations are becoming ever more challenging as the water depth of exploration, appraisal and production wells continues to increase. The drilling riser system must ensure complete control of fluid pressure variations as well as reliability and resistance to dynamic and structural loads.

To ensure the stability of the well in this situation, the riser is equipped with two high-pressure auxiliary safety pipes, called Choke & Kill lines. A third auxiliary pipe, called the Mud Boosting line, is used for injecting an additional flow of mud at the bottom of the riser to facilitate the return of the cuttings. Finally, one or several hydraulic lines complete the riser’s architecture. All these pipes are integrated into the 75 ft long riser "joints".

Tenaris offers Choke & Kill, Mud Boosting and hydraulic lines in high-strength steel grades (up to 80 Ksi) guaranteeing high pressure rating and reducing the system’s weight.

Tenaris Experience

We provided Choke & Kill and Mud Boosting lines for different drilling developments in the Gulf of Mexico, one of the most challenging regions worldwide in terms of drilling and exploration complexity.

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