Hybrid Risers Systems

A Hybrid Riser system consist sof a vertical pipe attached to the sea-floor by gravity and suction piles and held in tension with buoyancy tanks connected at the top of the riser.

One outstanding advantage of the Hybrid Riser concept is the possibility of using disconnectable turret and decoupled risers, providing flexibility in case of delays during the construction of the FPSO and also allowing the FPSO to move in case of hurricanes. Furthermore, the Hybrid Riser allows reduced fatigue loads compared to a standard Steel Catenary riser design, representing a potentially interesting solution in challenging environments, such as deep-water and/or sour service conditions.

Tenaris provides high strength heavy wall material of up to X70 sour service, offering optimum tolerances through additional processes such as Cold End Sizing and Machining or Laser Ends Measurement Systems services.

An integrated package for deep-water operations

The Hybrid Riser system is able to contemplate different designs, such as bundles hybrid offset riser, single line offset riser, and concentric offset riser, depending on the field characteristics and on the thermal management requirements of each specific project. We provide a full range of tubular solutions for Hybrid Risers, including outer and inner pipes for bundles, anticorrosive coating and wet insulation coating.

The Hybrid Riser system includes a top riser assembly and a bottom riser assembly, which require bends (including gooseneck bends) often with challenging requirements from the mechanical and dimensional point of view.

Tenaris offers heavy wall high-strength bends of an extended angle (up to 162.5°) which exceed current industry standard production limits.

Tenaris supplied the full package of tubular solutions to Technip for the Chinook & Cascade project.

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