A proven track-record of deep-water accomplishments


In the deepest waters of the world

Tenaris manufacturers a complete package of seamless and welded pipes as well as services for deep-water projects under the most demanding conditions.

Tubular Packages For Deep water

ProjectCustomerDepth (m)LocationProducts supplied
Independence Anadarko 2,742 Gulf of Mexico Seamless pipe for SCRs, infield, pipe for bends
Chinook & Cascade  Petrobras 2,600 Gulf of Mexico Outer pipe, inner pipe, gas export, coatings, cold end sizing, wet insulation, hot induction bends, hybrid riser
Nakika Shell 2,316 Gulf of Mexico Seamless and welded pipe for pipe-in-pipe flowlines, welded pipe for oil and gas export lines, umbilical tubing
Canyon Express TotalFinaElf 2,195 Gulf of Mexico Seamless pipe, coiled line pipe
Thunder Horse BP 1,856 Gulf of Mexico Seamless pipe for flowlines, SCRs, anti-corrosive coating, hot induction bends
Greater Plutonio BP 1,400 Angola Seamless pipe for infield, double joints, anti-corrosive coating, hot induction bends, laser end measurement
AKPO Total 1,375 Nigeria Seamless pipe for export lines, SCRs, flowlines and oil offloading lines
Daila Total 1,311 Angola Seamless pipe for SCRs, flowlines, anti-corrosive coating, double joint for flowlines, pipe for bends
Tahiti Chevron 1,280 Gulf of Mexico Seamless pipe SCRs, infield line pipe, pipe for bends
Kizomba A & C ExxonMobil 1,250 Angola Seamless pipe for TTRs, Seamless pipe for infield, anti-corrosive coating, hot induction bends
Gumsut Shell 1,200 Malasya Seamless pipes for flowlines, risers and oil export pipeline, hot induction bends
Pazflor Techrip 1,200 Angola Seamless pipes for production and injection flowlines, mother pipes for bends, jumpers, buckle arrestors
Ormen Lange StatOil 1,100 Norway Seamless pipe for infield
Bonga Shell 1,097 Nigeria Seamless pipe for SCRs and export flowlines, anti-corrosive coating, swan neck bends, buckle arrestors, J-lay collars, internal blasting
Deimos Shell 915 Gulf of Mexico Seamless pipe for SCR's and infield, cold-end sizing, end machining, thermal and anti-corrosive coating. Umbilical tubing
Gorgon Chevron 1,350 Australia Seamlesss pipe for HDD, flowlines

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