Power Generation

Tenaris supplies a full range of tubular products in different grades and sizes for an optimum performance in even the most severe operating conditions.

Technologies TO MEET all demands

The power generation industry is currently facing two important challenges: how to increase plant efficiency and reduce emissions in compliance with international regulations. Both these targets can be achieved by improving the technologies and materials used in power stations, which are increasingly subjected to high operating stresses and temperatures.

Tenaris provides tubular products that satisfy the stringent quality requirements of the power generation industry such as ultra-high creep resistance and increased high temperature oxidation resistance as well as high thermal fatigue resistance and optimum microstructural stability.

High alloys for the next generation of power plants

For coal and gas-fired power stations, Tenaris offers a complete range of seamless tubes and pipes in carbon, special alloy (12% Cr alloy steel) and stainless steels, used for coal-fired boilers and heat recovery steam generators.

Material Requirements

Tenaris seamless tubular products satisfy all the material requirements for high temperature and high pressure applications in terms of:

  • High creep resistance
  • Microstructural stability over time
  • Thermal fatigue resistance
  • Low oxidation rate
  • Simple manufacturing (casting, forging, bending, welding)
  • Flame side corrosion resistance
  • Steam oxidation resistance

Extensive research on creep resistance

Boiler tubes and pipes operate at very high pressures and temperatures for long periods of time. The pressure load combined with the high service temperatures produces a slow but continuous microstructural variation of the steel, causing a progressive reduction of the properties of the material itself,a phenomenon called “creep”. We have been carrying out studies on this topic since 1957 in cooperation with recognized international R&D laboratories. Tenaris is also a member of the European Creep Collaborative Committee and takes part in European R&D programs on boiler materials.

Our creep laboratory conducts extensive studies and characterizations on all the boiler materials, with single tests reaching durations of more than 100,000 hours. In cooperation with CSM (Center for Materials Development – Centro Sviluppo Materiali, Rome) we also perform deep analyses on microstructural evolution in order to verify the long-term stability of the materials in service conditions.

Certified Quality

All Tenaris products are designed according to the most stringent quality standards and manufactured under the certified quality system (ISO 9001). Quality control procedures include statistical process controls, process and product audits as well as traceability systems covering all manufacturers involved.

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