Services for Power Generation


We offer continuous support during all the stages of your project.

Dedicated Services for the Power Generation Industry

Tenaris provides technical assistance, comprehensive material planning, supply chain management services and on-time delivery of quality products to enable customers to respond efficiently to the demanding needs of power plant projects.

Mill reservation

The key factor in Tenaris’s success in the power market is due to its involvement in and commitment to every aspect of the project during its life, which starts long before receiving the order and continues after plant start-up. We understand the risks involved in a project, and can help to reduce total ownership cost for the customer.

From the early phase of a project until the end, the commercial and supply chain team supports the customer with ongoing project planning, ensuring that the production plants have reserved the capacity required to manufacture the material needed for the project. Material planning is the most crucial activity to ensure low inventory levels during project execution and minimal surplus after start-up. As the project moves forward, a product management team resolves the customer’s technical issues when designing the tube for a specific application within the power plant. In addition, we ensure that the product is designed taking into account the capabilities of the mill that is going to produce it, making sure that the best quality in accord with customer specifications is delivered.

Fixed project price

We work with the customer to define a pricing structure to deal with market price fluctuations during the project’s entire life. This service reduces client risk during project execution.

Late engineering changeS

Thanks to an integrated manufacturing process, we have the flexibility to change dimensions and steel grade specifications right up until the moment the product is produced.

Complete logistics service

Our supply chain team defines inspections, logistics and document management requirements with the customers. For those complex projects that require fast delivery, we can set up a fast track delivery system to speed up material manufacturing and logistics.

Dedicated customer service

Today, customers demand faster response, accurate delivery of products, a variety of complementary services and comprehensive technical support. In order to improve all of these aspects, we have redesigned our internal structure in order to allocate a key account manager for single point of contact for the management of large projects and frame agreements. We’ve also created dedicated roles that coordinate sales related operations to better match customer requests and prepare the business to meet them, from forecast to delivery.

These new roles facilitate the interface with the Tenaris commercial and supply chain teams in order to improve communications, monitor performance and collate market information by price definition, fast inquiry response and rigorous order processing, while taking into account technical, economic and logistical points of view.

Engineering consulting

We can provide expertise and on-site resources from design concept--to ensure the best product fit is found to optimize performance and efficiency--through to fabrication and construction needs such as bending and weldability.

Global authorized distributor

Our distributor, CTA, with stocks in Europe and Asia, works closely with our supply chain to deliver small quantities to projects requiring different items at a global level. Dealing with Tenaris as a sole source of high-quality pipes minimizes the total cost of the project, resulting in lower management costs, allowing tight construction schedules to be met and ensuring high QHSE control.

Marketing intelligence support

Our extensive market knowledge brings clear benefits to the customer: sharing forecast information, defining monthly reports to exchange project information, power generation market outlook, worldwide projects database, key projects reports, current backlog, pricing and cost update reports.

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