Thor™ 115


The improved solution to maximize efficiency for gas turbines

Thor™ 115 is a new steel alloy for tubes developed by Tenaris to ensure better steam oxidation at high temperature.

An evolution of the ASTM grade 91, Thor™ 115 has an increased Cr content that, besides allowing a better steam oxidation resistance, provides suitable alloying balance to provide a fully martensitic microstructure and stability of the strengthening precipitates after long-term ageing.

Because of its high-performance characteristics, Thor™ 115 allows power plant engineers to reach the full potential of modern gas and steam turbines in combined cycle power plants.

Thor™ 115 provides these advantages:

  • Increased steam oxidation resistance (working at above 600°C)
  • Long term stability based on modified microstructure
  • Superior creep behavior than grade 91.

Steam Oxidation

Thor™ 115 went through long duration steam oxidation testing at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory along with SA-213 T91 .The results confirmed that Thor™ 115’s oxidation is similar from 600 to 650 °C, while T91 oxidation accelerates.