Blue® Series

Blue® Series

The TenarisHydril Blue® Series incorporates the most advanced casing and tubing connections technologies and has been designed for the most challenging E&P operations. It has been tested under the highest industry standards and will continue to do so under the forthcoming revision of the API RP 5C5 Testing Protocol. These connections are the perfect choice for drilling under HP/HT .

Threaded  &  Coupled Connections


Available in sizes from 2 3/8" to 13 5/8".
With 100% fully tested pipe body rated seal, excellent overtorque capacity and the versatility to perform in all environments, it has been proven extensively in the most complex operating conditions around the world for more than ten years.

Blue® Max

Comes with Dopeless® technology.

Available in sizes from 7" to 16".
Designed for HP/HT applications that demand 100% pipe body performance on heavier wall pipe, the connection features a sphere-to-cone seal geometry to provide reliable sealing under extreme loads.

Blue® Heavy Wall

Comes with Dopeless® technology.

Available in sizes from 7 5/8” to 14”.
Specially designed for deep well and HP/HT applications demanding heavy wall pipe with 100% pressure rated seals and enhanced performance, it features the highest compression ratings for this type of connection.

Blue® Quick Seal

Comes with Dopeless® technology.

Available in sizes from 18” to 22”.
Developed for large OD surface casing that requires a gas-tight seal and fast make-up, it features a metal-to-metal seal that provides stable performance under combined loads to face potential shallow gas.

Blue® Thermal Liner

Available in sizes from 2 3/8" to 10 3/4".
Specifically designed for use with slotted pipes, the Blue® Thermal Liner connection provides excellent mechanical integrity under combined torque, compression and cyclical loading conditions.

Blue® Riser

Available in sizes from 7 5/8" to 16".
Specially designed for use in deepwater top tensioned and high pressure drilling risers applications where an exceptional level of fatigue resistance and sealability performance is required.

Integral semi flush CONNECTIONS

Blue® Near Flush

Available in sizes from 5" to 13 5/8".
It combines excellent tension capacity, greater compression efficiency and maximum sealability with the option of using our renowned Dopeless® technology.