Blue® Riser

The TenarisHydril Blue® Riser connection has been specially designed for use in deepwater top tensioned riser and high pressure drilling riser applications where an exceptional level of fatigue resistance and sealability performance is required.


  • Available in size 7 5/8" - 16"
  • High fatigue resistance design: performance comparable to the pipe body.
  • First engaged thread with improved fatigue performance due to the innovative R-Arch™ design.
  • Double elliptical groove to improve connection fatigue resistance.
  • No fretting fatigue due to external seal design.
  • Gas-tight internal seal.
  • Tested for sealability under the forthcoming revision of the API RP 5C5 CAL-IV testing protocol.
  • Tested for fatigue performance.


  • Deep Water
  • Top-Tensioned risers
  • High pressure drilling risers