Dopeless® technology

Dopeless Dopeless

With more than 300,000 tons sold, Dopeless® technology brings quantifiable benefits to E&P operations worldwide.

Experienced. Efficient. Environmental.

Dopeless® technology makes thread compounds obsolete. A dry multifunctional coating, Dopeless® technology is applied in a fully automatic process at Tenaris mills worldwide. The process guarantees that the exact amount of lubricant is applied to each connection. In standard E&P operations thread compounds are applied manually in the field with a brush.

Running times reduced in the order of 25%

According to Tenaris customers’ experience with Dopeless® technology, running time can be significantly reduced.

Nearly 0 remakeups and rejects

Dopeless® products reduce the risk of make-up problems, increasing the reliability of the running. Typical re-makeups (2.5% of connections) and rejects (1.5% of connections) are nearly eliminated.

Offshore savings, 10% of total pipe cost

Based on customer experience, a well with 100% Dopeless® casing and tubing will produce a 10% savings of the total pipe cost in offshore operations, due to increased rig time efficiency.

Zero discharge and reduced HSE risk

Eliminating the need for thread compounds makes the rig site cleaner and safer while significantly decreasing the operation’s environmental footprint.

Product Availability

Dopeless® technology is available on the following TenarisHydril premium connections:

Worldwide Experience

Dopeless® technology has more than nine years of proven experience in a variety of E&P applications and environments.

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