Integral Semi Flush

Blue™ Near Flush

Available in sizes from 5" to 13 5/8"
A semi-flush premium connection for today's more demanding environments. It combines the environmental benefits of our renowned Dopeless® technology with excellent tension capacity, greater compression efficiency and maximum sealability.

Wedge 523™

Available in sizes from 7" to 16"
For production casing, intermediate casing, tie-backs and drilling and production liners. Special applications include highly deviated and horizontal wells, drilling with casing, and where casing is rotated and pushed into place.

Wedge 521™

Available in sizes from 4" to 18 5/8"
For large-diameter surface casing, intermediate casing, horizontal liners, extended reach strings and drilling liners. Special applications include drilling with casing, slotted liners for geothermal wells and rotation-while-bending during wash-down and cementing.


Available in sizes from 4 1/2" to 13 5/8"
For production casing, tie-backs, intermediate casing and liners. Special applications include gas storage production strings and high-alloy liners.


Available in sizes from 5 1/2" to 16"
For production casing, intermediate casing and tie-backs. Special applications include heavy wall casing and use in shifting salt intervals.