Wedge 551™


  • Exceptional torque strength developed through the simultaneous engagement of opposing flanks of the double hooked dovetail thread.
  • Trouble free make-up is developed with the rugged, coarse pitch thread and steep taper for deep stabbing.
  • 100% pipe body ratings for tension and bending developed using non upset pin end and upset box end pipe. Reverse angle stab flank provides 100% compression rating.
  • 100% pipe body internal yield and collapse strength created with the lubricant seal of the dovetail threads.
  • Roller stenciled make-up confirmation band.
  • Interchangeable with Wedge 561™, 531™ and 501™


  • Production tubing and work-strings
  • Horizontal and extended-reach wells
  • Drilling with tubing


  • CB ring