TXP® Buttress

The TXP® Buttress connection, with its special shouldered coupling design, offers extra torque and compression resistance as well as greater make-up stability than standard buttress connections.

By being API-compatible, operators can use standard API accessories and draw on a wide range of threading and repair shops. Seal Ring option is also available for TXP® Buttress, validated according to a major shale operator's specific testing protocol.


  • Available in sizes 4 1/2" to 16".
  • API Buttress compatible
  • 100% tension
  • Enhanced structural capacity:
    • 100% PBYS in compression
    • Bending same as pipe body
  • Extra torque capability
  • Positive torque shoulder
  • Enhanced ID flow
  • Make-up repeatability
  • Standard Bevel of 20°


  • Special Clearance
  • Seal Ring
  • Regular API


  • Shales
  • Casing while Drilling
  • Geothermal
  • Intermediate casing
  • Production casing, liners & tubing