Wedge Series 600™


The next step in Wedge.

Connections for the most critical applications

Wedge Series 600™ connections take premium connection design and performance to a new level, meeting the requirements for exceptional performance in the most critical environments. They are designed to be tested to the highest standards.


Wedge 623®

Available in sizes from 7" - 16 1/2".

The TenarisHydril Wedge 623® connection offers all the advantages of the TenarisHydril Wedge 523® technology together  with sealing capabilities and compression ratings that make it suitable for the most severe deepwater and high pressure applications.

Wedge 625®

Available in sizes from 4 1/2" - 7".

The TenarisHydril Wedge 625® connection is designed for use in Shales and Horizontal & Extended Reach Wells where a semi-flush connection is needed to facilitate well construction and improve production flow.