Wedge XP™ 2.0


The new TenarisHydril Wedge connection with extra torque performance for longer laterals.

The TenarisHydril Wedge XP™ 2.0 connection represents a further evolution of the original Wedge technology, providing the exceptional over-torque performance needed in many production strings typically used in horizontal wells for shale applications


  • Available in sizes 4 1/2" to 7"
  • TenarisHydril Wedge thread design provides maximum over torque capacity to manage longer laterals
  • Pin-to-Pin back up mechanism granting additional torque capability to handle rotation
  • 100% ratings in tension and compression
  • Lower threads per inch profile (3.4 TPI vs. 5 TPI of a typical BTC modified), rugged coarse thread design and deep stabbing allow for speed of installation
  • Easy Make-up: no need of Torque-turn chart
  • Reduced hoop stresses on coupling compared to BTC profile connections
  • Standard Bevel of 20°
  • Make up indicator in pin with 24" x 1" colored locator stripe


  • Shales
  • Casing while drilling
  • Rotating while cementing
  • Production casing and liners