Pipe Management Services

Pipe Management ServicesCOM

Tenaris is partnering with oil and gas customers to make their operations more efficient.

Tenaris pipe management services optimize our customers’ operations through an integrated package that includes DemandSync™, Run Ready, PipeTracer® and Net Invoicing. Reducing tubular supply chain costs and minimizing inventory levels and working capital makes operations more efficient.


Tenaris partners with customers to reduce their total cost of ownership through integrated demand planning and inventory management, ensuring the availability of tubular products, sucker rods and accessories in the right quantity, place and time, reducing inventory costs, obsolescence and stock out risk.

Run Ready

To promote more efficient operations, we prepare the pipes in our regional service centers and deliver them to the customer ready to be run. This includes any necessary maintenance, re-doping or sub-assemblies buck-on in order to increase efficiency at the rig site.


Tenaris has implemented a pipe-by-pipe identification system at its mills in order to better track and locate singular pipes and receive information about their main characteristics, such as each pipe's length, heat, and product specs. With this system, our service centers will be able to keep track of their inventory and update pipe status and service conditions for each pipe in real time. Through the use of our PipeTracer®; app, customers will receive customized and updated pipe data, doing away with the need for manual tally and status reports.

Rig Returns

Tenaris understands the need for making operations more cost effective. Through Rig Returns, our customers only pay for the pipes that are used. We also recover, inspect and clean surplus pipes and also recover and recycle protectors.

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