Complete range of accessories

Tenaris offers a wide range of high quality products to complete the rod string and increase its life and performance.

accessories couplings


Tenaris offers a complete line of couplings for sucker rods, polished rods, subcouplings as well as guided couplings. They are available in reduced slim hole (SH) diameters as well as normal full size (FS) for both API (T and Spray Metal) and high strength versions (UHS).

Spray metal

Spray Metal Couplings

Spray Metal is a superficial hardening process in which a nickel, chrome, boron and silicon based powder is applied on the base metal and later melted, resulting in a hard, dense and uniform surface with a very low friction coefficient and high corrosion resistance. The Spray Metal (SM) version is available for both conventional and polished rods in slim hole (SH) and full size (FS) diameters.

Guided Couplings

Guided Couplings

Tenaris produces guided couplings for beam pumping and progressive cavity pumping (PCP). They can be injected with material to work under high or low temperatures.

pony rod

Pony Rods

In compliance with the same quality requirements applicable to the rods, pony rods measuring 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, and 12 feet are available for each steel grade and rod body diameter. Other lengths are also manufactured in accordance with customers’ specifications.

Sinker Bars

Sinker Bars

Used to maintain an optimized string design in beam pumping applications and to avoid premature failures in the installation. Very effective for reducing failures in rod body, pins and coupling, which occur due to the effect of compression and buckling in the string.

Polished rod

Polished Rods

Low - and medium - alloy steel polished rods with an excellent surface finish to ensure the proper seal in the stuffing box, produced under API standards for lengths up to 36 ft. Polished, chromed and metalized options available.

accessories 4 guided rods

Rod Guides

Tenaris has a wide range of rod guides and materials for both beam pumping and Progressive Cavity Pumping. Rod guides are molded directly on the rod body, becoming a true protection for the tubing and for the rod itself. Available in different materials for varied fluid conditions as well as for high and low bottom-hole temperatures.

Data Table


Rod guides diameter

Data Table


Recommendations of material use

Data Table


Rod guides mechanical properties

hollow rods accessories2

HolloRod Series Accessories

A complete range of accessories for HolloRod Series applications.

  • Pup joints (pony rods) to adjust string length.
  • Combination crossover between API conventional thread and HolloRod Series thread.
  • Polished and chromium-plated hollow rods.
  • Rotating joints (swivels) for diluent injection.
  • Slotted pup joints that allows fluid injection into the tubing at any depth.
  • Safety-check valves.

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