API Rods

api rod

Available for both beam and progressive cavity pumping, Tenaris delivers API sucker rods from 5/8” to 1 1/2”, with a length of 25 or 30 feet, manufactured according to a rigorous quality assurance system that complies with ISO 9001:2000 and API Q1 standards.


Steel grades

Different steel grades are available, depending on the type of load and the corrosion level in the wells.

Grade C
Designed for wells with low and medium loads, non-corrosive or effectively inhibited. Manufactured in 1530 Mod. steel.

Grade K
Designed for low and medium loads in corrosive wells where inhibition is recommended. Manufactured in AISI 4621 Mod. steel.

Grade D Carbon
Designed for non-corrosive or effectively inhibited wells with moderate loads. Manufactured in 1530 Mod. Micro alloy steel.*

Grade D Alloy
Designed for moderate to high loads in non-corrosive or effectively inhibited wells. Manufactured in AISI 4142 steel.

Grade KD
Designed for corrosive wells where inhibiting is recommended, with moderate loads. Manufactured in AISI 4320 Mod. steel.

Grade D Special
Designed for corrosive wells with high and moderate loads where inhibition is recommended. Manufactured in AISI 4330 Mod. steel.

*Enquire on special conditions. Only under special request.