HolloRod™ Series


Tenaris’s HolloRod Series increases the reliability of progressive cavity pumping (PCP) operations and reduces operating costs.


Solutions for progressive cavity pumping

Tenaris's Research & Development team developed the HolloRod Series, a technological breakthrough that not only increases the reliability of progressive cavity pumping (PCP) operations, but also reduces operating costs.

One of the alternatives that the product presents is the ability to inject diluents through it for heavy and extra-heavy crude oil pumping or any other special application. This improves injection efficiency and reduces the complexity of the operation given the elimination of injection pipes and capillaries.


  • Reduces premature failures due to rod pin breakage caused by over torque during well operations, given its make-up procedure and connection design for torque applications
  • Reduces tubing wear failures due to the design of its flush and near flush joints
  • Reduces the backspin effect and enhances torque transmission (stick-slip effect)
  • Increases the safety of rig personnel since it reduces accumulated turns in the string and therefore the possibility of backspin effects during workover operations
  • Increases the effectiveness of corrosion inhibition or any other diluents action while being injected through the product
  • Reduces handling problems, as its installation does not require special tools.

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