Areas of Research

R&D Argentina

From its R&D Centers around the globe, Tenaris conducts a variety of research and development activities.



From our research and development centers in Argentina, Brazil, Italy, Japan, Mexico and the United States, we perform specific scientific and technological research -depending on local capabilities-  in diverse areas and disciplines:

  • TenarisHydril premium connections

  • Sucker rods

  • Manufacturing processes such as steelmaking and heat treatment

  • Non-destructive inspection

  • Tracking of tubular products and Process Control

  • String design and novel solutions for field applications

  • Nanotechnology

  • Corrosion-resistant materials

  • Welding metallurgy

  • Full-scale combined loads testing of premium connections and fatigue testing of welded and threaded joints

  • Structural reliability of line pipe and risers and the development of specialized products for challenging deep and ultra-deep water projects

  • High temperature/ high pressure

  • Sour service steels

  • Drill pipe

  • Hot-rolling processes; physical and numerical modeling; micro-structural evolution

  • Products for power generation and industrial applications


These activities are carried out in our R&D Centers worldwide, from the following locations:

  • Campana, Argentina
  • Dalmine, Italy
  • Kawasaki, Japan
  • Veracruz, Mexico
  • Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Based in Houston, Texas we also have a Wedge Technology Group devoted to the development of new Wedge Series premium connections, built to meet the needs of extreme applications that require a robust connection design.

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