Solutions for operations at sub-zero temperatures




With the world’s offshore and onshore arctic regions containing significant oil and gas reserves, exploration and production activity continues to grow in locations such as Russia, the Caspian Sea, the North Sea, Canada and the US-Alaska, where more than 400 undiscovered oil and gas fields are estimated to be found.

While important to secure the world’s future energy supply, there are many operational and environmental concerns to extreme cold weather. Special oilfield products are required in sub-zero temperature conditions as metals without adequate impact toughness exhibit tendencies to fail due to brittleness when exposed.

As oil and gas operations expand into these new challenging arctic frontiers, preservation of pristine environments becomes a concern. Exploration and production companies operating in arctic regions are subject to a host of regulatory issues to prevent oil spills and damage to local communities.


For arctic operations Tenaris offers technology to make operations more efficient while minimizing the environmental footprint. Our products for arctic environments are field-proven, preventing failures due to inadequate impact toughness.

Our comprehensive package includes products with proven track records in horizontal and extended-reach drilling operations. Multiple wells can be drilled from a single location, significantly reducing the environmental impact on the tundra.


Dopeless® technology

To facilitate operations in subzero temperatures, we provide our field-proven dry coating. With Dopeless®, pipe can be transported, stored, handled and run normally without the need for a constant heat source to warm the running compound and reduces the need for transportation

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TenarisHydril Wedge Series 500 connections

Our Wedge Series provides superior compression and bending resistance. Our durable connections are able to resist various make and break sequences without the use of specialized equipment, reducing transportation of heavy machinery to the well.

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Low temperature grades

Our proprietary grades with improved fracture toughness designed for use in extremely cold weather operations, where better ductility and fracture toughness are required.

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