Drilling with Casing and Tubing




In the effort to secure future oil and gas resources, exploration and production operators are forced to face well profiles that could not be accessed with traditional drilling, either due to technological limitations or to extremely high costs.

Unconventional oil and gas drilling operations in deep wells, wells with hole instability, ledges, depleted zones, lost circulations or drill pipe swabbing problems are prone to operational problems. In these extraordinary exploration and production operations preventing and recovering from trouble often adds incremental costs to operators. Likewise, complex offshore operations are limited in terms of space and material on the rig, making it necessary to find a simple yet safe drilling methodology.

With its full range of high-performance, TenarisHydril premium connections, Tenaris provides its oil and gas customers with a reliable alternative: drilling with premium connections. The technique uses the casing as a drill string instead of drill pipe. The well is cased as it is drilled while the casing provides hydraulic energy and mechanical force to the cutting structure.


Drilling with premium connections reduces well construction costs, improves drilling efficiency and provides greater safety by minimizing personnel’s exposure and reducing the amount of people needed on the rig.

Tenaris is able to provide the proper technical assistance together with fully tested and validated TenarisHydril connections and special pipe specifications strengths – such as fatigue resistance, extra torque capability, and geometrical restrictions- for this application.

In terms of cost reduction, field studies have shown a 20-30% reduction in the time required to drill wells from spud to rig release when utilizing drilling with casing. The method also eliminates the need for drillpipe rental and transportation costs and consumes less rig power while reducing risks and increasing safety.


TenarisHydril Wedge Series 500™ connections

These premium connections perform in special requirements such as extremely high torques, high compression loads, reduced clearances or other requirements that neither API or semi-premium connections can handle.

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TenarisHydril Blue® connection

Designed for high performance and versatility even in unconventional operations with CAL IV 13679 qualification. Provides superior fatigue resistance. With our Dopeless® technology, running is simplified through less pipe handling and greater make-up stability.

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TenarisHydril Blue® Thermal Liner

These connections without metal seals,and with special geometries grant additional strength as well as improving running in terms of speed and reliability. Their rugged, specially designed profile, shoulder and reduced clearance threads grant them high fatigue resistance together with improved torque performance.

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