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Characterized by thin, narrow production zones with low permeability, the extraction of oil and gas from shale formations can present multiple challenges for operators.

Through the advancement of horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing techniques, operators have increased formation permeability and maximized productions from the hard-to-produce shale rock.

While drilling these zones can yield abundant oil and gas production, shale operations can pose significant risks, high costs and extreme demands on product performance. Challenges include:

  • High fracture treatment pressures and severe doglegs that stress the structural integrity of both the pipe string and connections in the wellbore.
  • Extensive bending and pipe rotation necessary to negotiate severe turns during horizontal casing installation which calls for extreme torque resistance since it could result in tubular fatigue.
  • Growing environmental concerns about additives, drilling and fracture fluids, and other contaminants used during drilling and fracturing operations.

These demands require reliable, high performance tubular products that ensure safe and efficient drilling and completion operations.


Tenaris’s integrated products and services offer specialized solutions that ensure reliability, operational efficiency and risk reduction at every stage of the shale drilling and production proc-ess, be it exploration, development or shale play optimization.

Our field-proven TenarisHydril premium connections, including the threaded and coupled TenarisHydril Blue® and TenarisHydril Wedge 563™, are designed to meet the bending, tension, compression and torque challenges encountered in horizontal, extended-reach shale wells and from stresses due to high pressure fracturing. Our integral flush connections such as TenarisHydril Wedge 513™ and TenarisHydril Wedge 523™, offer slim hole clearance in long horizontal laterals to help reach total depth of the reservoir. All of these connections also provide metal-to-metal sealing capabilities, enabling safe gas production.

Connections compatible with API buttress are also available on both seamless and welded OCTG, including the new TenarisXP™Buttress. This connection’s special shouldered coupling design offers extra torque and compression resistance as well as greater make-up stability than standard buttress connections. By being API-compatible, operators can use standard API accessories and draw on a wide range of threading and repair shops.

Offering an alternative to traditional thread compounds, our Dopeless® technology further enhances operational efficiency and reduces environmental risk.

Because every shale play is different, our regional and global networks of technical assistance teams offer customized material selection and string design services based on any shale operational challenge. Our dedicated field services teams provide 24/7 running assistance to ensure proper handling and optimal performance of all Tenaris OCTG and premium connection products.



TenarisHydril Premium Connections:

Our complete line of TenarisHydril premium connections is engineered to exceed the bending, compression and torque challenges of horizontal wells to ensure efficient drilling and completion.

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Tenaris’s wide range of API and proprietary seamless and welded casing and tubing products are capable of withstanding high pressures encountered during shale well fracturing operations. Our API and proprietary steel grades offer solutions to any shale environment ranging from mild, sour corrosion to extreme sweet or sour service environments.

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Coiled Tubes

Coiled Tubing:

Our high-strength steel grade coiled tubing is available for use in high-pressure zones, post-fracturing clean-outs and bridge plug milling operations.

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Line Pipe:

Tenaris offers welded line pipe and proprietary coatings for the transportation of corrosive oil and gas.

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