Thermal Solutions




Up until the 1990s, traditional drilling methods were standard practice when recovering oil. However, the increase in demand for the exploration and production of oil reserves means that more companies have turned their attention towards unconventional methods to extract heavy oil such as SAGD or CSS processes involving unconventional behaviors and load conditions related to high temperatures. This has boosted demand for Thermal Solutions.

Multiple challenges exist when operating under thermal conditions. In demanding applications, where well temperatures can exceed 350ºC, with multiple unconsolidated reservoir formations and severe thermal gradients throughout, reliability and experience are critical.


Tenaris offers a complete product and services package to meet the most challenging needs of its customer. The simplicity of using a single-source provider without additional suppliers or third parties means that customers save valuable time and money through one consolidated offer.


TenarisHydril Blue® and Wedge Series 500™ connections

Designed for complex wells in the most challenging environments, our premium connections are specially designed and extensively tested for thermal conditions, where the downhole products are exposed to extreme compression and tension loads generated by cycled thermal gradients.

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Thermal Tubulars

Our proprietary line pipe and casing grades are beneficial in areas where the downhole products are exposed to high temperatures which normally modify the general resistance of the steel materials.

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Coiled Tubing

Tenaris offers coiled tubing in HS-70 pipe metallurgy, providing an improved performance in Thermal environments due to its high ductility and lower hardness rating.

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Hollow Sucker Rods

We produce hollow rods for Progressive Cavity Pumping (PCP) in thermal wells. The PCPRods reduce friction between the rods and tubing, and provide high torque capacity and extended fatigue life.

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