About TenarisUniversity

TenarisUniversity is Tenaris’s corporate university, responsible for strategically integrating, aligning and disseminating knowledge and expertise uniformly across the company.

TenarisUniversity’s responsibilities encompass the whole corporate training process including the development of proprietary courses, defining the most appropriate training methodology and measuring the training effectiveness. TenarisUniversity look after the knowledge management activities within the company and develops informal training tools as well.

For these purposes, TenarisUniversity’s six schools have designed job-specific Curricula and Development Plans for Tenaris’s salaried and hourly employees, respectively. This is the basis of a global learning model that ensures over 27,000 employees receive the same high quality training regardless of their geographical location.

TenarisUniversity has won several prestigious awards for training. Organizations which benchmark the work of corporate universities worldwide such as the American Society for Training and Development, Corporate University Exchange and Chief Learning Officer, have recognized TenarisUniversity for its high quality programs.

Since its creation in 2005, TenarisUniversity has opened various learning centers including its global campus in Campana, Argentina which houses an Academic Building and Residence. Additionally, other dedicated training facilities operate in Mexico, Italy and Brazil, with more under development in other regions.

Internal experts recruited from within the company serve as the main body of instructors for TenarisUniversity. They are selected and specially trained in order to harness and propagate their experience-based knowledge. In addition, external instructors lead courses on management and other non-company specific topics.

TenarisUniversity also offers training to external customers and suppliers, strategically strengthening bonds in every direction.