TenarisUniversity has six schools in charge of developing managerial and technical education for our salaried and hourly employees.

Industrial School

The Industrial School provides the training required for Tenaris engineers to remain at the forefront of the industry’s evolution. Its curricula span the breadth of industrial processes and production in Tenaris.

Commercial School

The Commercial School is dedicated to enhancing the skills of employees in the Supply Chain, Commercial Front End, Marketing and Procurement areas.

School of Finance & Administration

The School of Finance & Administration is responsible for helping personnel in the administration and finance areas guarantee that Tenaris meets the highest international standards for financial management, reporting and control.

School of Management

The School of Management is focused on developing the capabilities employees need to face managerial challenges in accordance with company values, culture and business ethics.

School of Information Technology

The School of IT coordinates all educational activities related to Tenaris systems and applications including training for end-users, as well as IT professionals.

Technical School

The Technical School coordinates training for Tenaris mill workers. Its goal is to ensure the consolidation of one industrial system by implementing globalized training courses for all operative and technical workers.