Civil Constructions


Tenaris produces a wide range of circular structural hollow sections used in civil structures.

High mechanical properties and visual lightness

Our hot-rolled seamless tubes are used in civil buildings such as stadiums, bridges and airports. The resistance properties of steel, combined with the use of various materials, allows architectural projects to be built that are also aesthetically successful. 

Thanks to their excellent weldability, our tubes are used in architectural projects where structural lightness is a requirement. Steel frames also guarantee high ductility-bearing severe deformation without compromising the integrity of the structure.

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Tubes for civil constructions

Steel Grades and Dimensional Range

For this application, our seamless hot rolled carbon (e.g., S355J2H) and carbon-manganese (e.g., S460NH) steel tubes are supplied in hot-rolled and normalized conditions, in a wide range of sizes with outer diameters ranging from 21.3 mm to 711 mm and wall thickness from 2.3 mm to 80 mm.