Wedge 563™



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Roller-stenciled make-up confirmation band.
Easy make-up is developed with the rugged, coarse pitch thread and steep taper for deep stabbing. Exceptional torque strength developed through the simultaneous engagement of opposing flanks of the double hooked dovetail thread.
100% internal pressure rated metal seal maintains gas sealing capability under high axial loads. The shallow angle run out chamfer on the pin ID promotes uniform stress under the seal around the full circumference of the connection.

A threaded and coupled connection providing performance, operational and cost benefits and supported by extensive field experience and customer testing.


  • Available in tubing sizes from 2 3/8" to 7".
  • Available in casing sizes from 5" to 13 5/8".
  • 100% ratings in tension and compression provided by the dovetail threads.
  • 100% collapse rated thread seal created by full form contact of the dovetail threads, also providing a secondary internal pressure seal rated at pipe body.
  • Wedge 563™ is interchangeable with Wedge 533™, Wedge 503™ and Wedge 553™.


  • Deepwater
  • HP/HT & deep wells
  • Horizontal & extended reach wells
  • Shales
  • Casing while drilling
  • Workstrings
  • Thermal (SAGD & CSS)
  • Geothermal
  • Corrosion protection & ID coating
  • Surface & intermediate casing
  • Production casing, tie-backs & liners
  • Tubing