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Learn how our innovative product and service packages are delivering new value to customers around the world in one-to-one demonstrations from our technical sales and product development experts.


Meeting the needs of each well profile

Tenaris is prepared to support our oil and gas customers with string design and material selection services in different operating conditions. String Design consists of balancing the service loads downhole with the selection of proper casing and premium connections. We also provide our customers with material selection services, recommending the best steel grade for each possible environment.


Wedge 625™ premium connections designed for shale applications

Shale plays present oil and gas operators with challenges around the world. The TenarisHydril Wedge 625™ premium connection is designed specifically to provide the high bend and collapse ratings required for this challenging environment. Afif Najjar, Technical Sales USA, explains how, using the Eagle Ford shale as an example.


Geothermal power is playing a crucial role in developing energy supply

This renewable energy source that originates from heat stored within the Earth’s crust can be used to generate electricity. Tenaris offers a select set of products, which guarantees operational performance in geothermal applications.


The challenge of dealing with the presence of H2S

Our SS grades demonstrate improved resistance to Sulfied Stress Corrosion Cracking through their steel microstructure and tight mechanical properties.


How Dopeless® technology is changing the way the industry works

Created to eliminate harmful compounds of storage and running dope, Dopeless® technology delivers a broad range of revolutionary benefits to operators. Tomás Castiñeiras, Dopeless® Project Manager, provides valuable insights into this advanced, engineered coating that saves costs and time, ensures cleaner wells and delivers less operational risks.


Local expertise elevates efficiency and results

By combining the performance of TenarisHydril premium connections with hands-on local presence, an important international energy company took advantage of both Tenaris’s experience and expertise for its debut operation in Libya. Emad Hanna, Technical Sales Manager for the North Africa region, tells us how Tenaris’s technical team worked closely with the customer to create the right product and services solution for the project.


Fueling the future with geothermal power

The exploration and production of this clean energy involves specific engineering challenges. Tenaris has a great deal of experience and a field-proven product portfolio to help operators develop even their most challenging geothermal wells.

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