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Tenaris has been providing products and services to Maersk Oil for years, achieving several positive results in difficult operating conditions.


Tenaris and Maersk Oil have been building a business relationship in the North Sea for several years. Over time they worked together in many operations that posed numerous challenges, including complex offshore conditions, such as HP/HT wells, in some of the most stringent environmentally regulated regions.

Maersk Oil ran its first trial strings with Dopeless® connections in 2009, and in 2014 the operator ran a full family of connections with the dope-free technology. Over the years Maersk Oil also gradually began to use the services offered by Tenaris, and in 2015 the company requested the full package of Rig Direct®, including technical consulting, pipe management and field services.

After experiencing the benefits provided by the Dopeless® solution, Maersk Oil decided to apply this technology in all of its projects in the North Sea in the most complex scenarios, such as in the UK “Culzean” HP/HT field development.

The operator’s experience with Rig Direct® has been positive as well, with about 8,500 pipes managed with this service model in 2015.


Working in complex environments

Maersk Oil faced several challenges in the North Sea. Over the years, the oil and gas company drilled exploration and development wells in offshore fields of varying complexities, operating in shallow waters of 40 to 60 meters from Jackup rigs.

The high costs associated with rig spread rates made it necessary for the company to find better ways to achieve savings. In addition, simplifying onshore preparation operations and logistics as well as increasing safety are vital in North Sea operations.

The environmental agencies in that region have strict regulations for the oil and gas industry, and Maersk Oil has always placed the utmost importance in applying technologies that minimize or eliminate the release of pollutants to the environment.


Dope-free solution full availability

Dopeless® technology is a dry, multifunctional coating applied in a fully automatic process at Tenaris mills. This process guarantees that the exact amount of lubricant is applied to each connection, including even one more step in the Quality Control Plan of the pipe manufacturing process. Dopeless® technology eliminates the need for thread compounds, making the rig site safer and cleaner, and significantly decreasing the release of pollutants to the environment.

During the 13 years of field history of Dopeless® technology, Tenaris has been consistently analyzing the value of the technology along with the operators, and has found that the use of Dopeless® coating reduces running times in the order of 25% and promotes the reliability of the installation by minimizing the risk of make-up issues or galled threads leading to leaks, by eliminating the risk of human intervention when applying running compound, or of using degraded or unsuitable compounds. The increased rig time efficiency helps operators reduce the total cost of ownership in their operation.

Qualification tests were also carried out to ensure that the products were suitable for the required well loads.

Tenaris is prepared to fully support Dopeless® technology in the North Sea region, with manufacturing lines in Denmark, UK and in Norway.

Using Rig Direct®

Tenaris offers a wide variety of expert services to support customers in each specific operation. Maersk Oil benefits from having one single supplier providing services that cover every stage of the oil and gas operations.

Tenaris stores, prepares and delivers pipes and accessories to the quay side ready to be run.

As part of its Rig Returns service, Tenaris recovers, cleans and inspects all the surplus pipes and accessories, and performs the consequent re-stocking and repairs, if needed.

Tenaris has also developed PipeTracer® technology at its mills, a pipe-by-pipe identification system, that allows to better track all pipes and receive information on their main characteristics. This may lead to the replacement of the time consuming traditional tally by the digital tally and promote safety at the rig site.

In Denmark, Tenaris has a 45,000 m2 state-of-the-art paved service center, which includes a facility specifically used to prepare pipes for offshore operations, as well as a fully integrated threading facility equipped to process and repair all of Tenaris’s connections. This setting allows Tenaris to ensure a quick response to Maersk Oil’s local needs.

Tenaris manages its entire offshore supply and delivery process following a single quality, health, safety and environmental system, certified under ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards.

Tenaris also works with its customer on site, with certified technical field service specialists, in order to promote operational safety and efficiency. These experts offer advice regarding the appropriate use of the products and the application of the corresponding best operational practices during installation.


Strong North Sea ties

Tenaris has been working side-by-side with Maersk Oil for years, helping them face the challenges posed by each operating environment and presenting new technologies and solutions that could help the company to succeed.

In 2009 Maersk Oil ran its first string with Dopeless® technology and has, since then, installed over 1,000,000 feet of Dopeless® products. In 2014 the operator ran its first full family of connections with Tenaris’s dope-free solution. To the present day, Maersk Oil has drilled 30 wells using Dopeless® technology products. In view of the operational and HSe benefits provided by the solution, the customer decided to migrate to Dopeless® technology in all of its projects in North Sea.

David Seymour, Maersk Oil Senior lead Well engineer, stated that “Dopeless® technology is simply a much better solution than the metal-free dopes allowed in the North Sea. It eliminates the ‘dope’ factor from the whole system. Over the years it has consistently shown excellent make-up performance and connection reliability, and has simplified pipe handling operations and storage processes. even where API 5A3 Modified compounds could be used, the increased reliability and process simplification alone would justify the use of Dopeless® technology”

Since 2015 Tenaris also supplies Maersk Oil with Rig Direct®. In the first year of service, approximately 8,500 pipes were managed with this service model.

It has been proved that the combination of Dopeless® technology and Rig Direct® produced savings of around 10% of the total cost of ownership for Maersk Oil.

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