Wedge 523®

An integral semi-flush connection designed for production casing, intermediate casing, and drilling and production liners. Special applications include highly deviated and horizontal wells, drilling with casing, and where casing is rotated and pushed into place.


  • Available in sizes from 7" to 17 7/8".
  • High compression rating provided by the reverse angle stab flank of the threads makes the Wedge 523® suitable for the most severe compression applications. Compression strength exceeds tension strength.
  • 100% collapse rated metal-to-metal seal.
  • Wedge 523® is interchangeable with Wedge 513®.



  • HP/HT & deep wells
  • Deepwater
  • Shallow Water
  • Horizontal & extended reach wells
  • Casing while drilling
  • Intermediate casing & liners
  • Production casing