CRA TenarisHydril Blue® Dopeless® connections run in triples in Angola

TenarisHydril Blue® Dopeless® connections improved efficiency and reduced costs and running times in Angola.

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Local operator runs Dopeless® casing strings for the first time in the Irish Atlantic

TenarisHydril Wedge 523® and Blue® Near Flush Dopeless® connections offered an outstanding performance in the challenging Porcupine Basin.

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Vietgazprom chooses TenarisHydril connections for first deepwater well in Vietnam

TenarisHydril Blue®, Wedge 513® and Wedge 523® connections promoted operational efficiency in a deepwater exploration well in Vietnam.

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Major operator reduces rig time in Gulf of Mexico using Dopeless® technology

Wedge Series 500™ connections with Tenaris’s proprietary dope-free coating enhance efficiency, reliability and improve running times in deepwater well.

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BlueDock™ connectors outstanding performance in deepwater well for Petrobras

The national oil and gas company successfully ran TenarisHydril BlueDock™ connectors in the Campos Basin.

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Maersk Angola chooses Wedge 523™ Dopeless® connection for deepwater well

Maersk Oil Angola successfully drilled an exploratory offshore well in Angola with the support of Tenaris field service team. 

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Solid performance for Dopeless® technology’s debut in Brazil’s Pre-Salt fields

Tenaris introduced Dopeless®  technology to Petrobras for a trial run due to its superior running efficiency in environmentally sensitive and extremely complex wells.

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Unlocking the Black Sea’s deepwater potential

The prospects of finding major untapped reserves of oil and gas deep under the Black Sea are driving exploration projects in the region. Developing these resources however, will call for sophisticated designs and advanced tubular technologies.

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Wedge 563™ Dopeless® connections chosen for deepwater project

Tenaris’s products and services combine to improve efficiency while minimizing the environmental impact of a seven well offshore completion campaign.

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